I know you’re sick of me bragging on Uncle David, but this is what he did today:


Nat helped:


RockwellAfter I woke up from my 2-hour nap, I pulled up a chair and joined everyone else at the table.

FolksHere are my folks enjoying dinner.

BrookesashAnd here is Uncle Sasha with her new better half, the very most welcome to town and to the family, Brooke (mommy of “Cuz Kalib” from the baptism album).

CrackerNat now thinks that Thanksgiving is the day Mama Shannon lets you eat three non-organic, white-flour butter crackers instead of just one. Score!


But the really remarkable thing is that after all that, my kitchen is cleaner than it was this morning before David arrived, and all I did was throw the dish towels in the wash. Really. This is how Thanksgiving should always be.

Saturday, Uncle David heads to his blood clan in Indiana to do it all again for even more people.

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  1. Stumbled upon your site while thinking, not searching, about Nat King Cole my favorite singer and here I am to find Nat! I spent some quality 10 minutes here and just felt the right quality of your energy so I decided to add a minute more to say Thanks and happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.

  2. So much fun to drop in and see the wonderful photos from your Thanksgiving. Nat is certainly growing and thriving and aren’t you the lucky couple.

  3. I swear Nat is the most scrumptiously we wanna much on her fat cute little legs girl out there. What a sweetie. And dang, that Uncle David! Now he’s a find! Looks like a fantastic Thanksgiving. Is that that Fisher Price booster seat?? Are you happy with it? (segue into baby shopping!!)

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