Bottle Update

I probably get 5-15 hits on this blog per day from people googling for info on nontoxic baby bottles.  We’ve been quite happy with the evenflo glass bottles while home and the Avent drop-ins while out.  (Yes, googler, the Avent drop-in liners are recyclable if you have access to #1 plastic recycling–same as a spring water bottle–but don’t re-USE them.  #1 plastic starts to leach after one use.  Just remember #1=1 use.)

But Selina is coming up on eleven months next week and I remember weaning Nat from a bottle around that age and I’d like to do the same with Selina.  But the 12 oz Kleen Kanteen sippy cups (we have two for Nat to use in the car and for a treat, in front of the t.v. very rarely) are kinda clunky and heavy for Selina.  I considered a hot beverage cup I use that holds only 8 oz, but it’s designed for adults and doesn’t seem quite right either.  I thought about skipping the sippy stage altogether and Selina has practiced a little bit with juice glasses with about a tablespoon of water in them, but I can’t do it cold turkey.  I want to fall back on a sippy for a while after all.

Today I found this product and I am so excited about trying it out!  Anyone ever use a foogo sippy by Thermos?  It holds 7 oz and comes with the handles (you can get these handles for your Kleen Kanteen, too, but it’s still 12 oz which is just too heavy for Selina, when full of liquid).  As soon as it’s May 1st and my monthly budget is all fresh and clean, I’m gonna order a couple.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

ETA: Whew! Upon a closer look at the Thermos website, I saw that the plastic parts of the foogo are “rubberlike” and “soft” which is a red flag for phthalates (long banned in Europe). But a quick search this morning brought me to this page” which says they are BPA- and phthalate-free.
So they’re still on tomorrow’s shopping list!

6 responses to “Bottle Update

  1. You can also get sippy-style handles for Sigg cups, with great kid designs in the .3L size.

  2. we have 2 of the foogoo cups and they work well. BornFree sippy cups are also okay (no BPA) although the seal wears out faster than I’d like.

  3. Check out this page for reviews of BPA-free sippies (the site has a huge overview of BPA in children’s/baby products):
    We tried the Foogo sippy, but my daughter rejected all the soft, fat sippy spouts (Foogo, Born Free). She has really only taken to the Avent hard spout, which means either Avent cups (their sippies, unlike their bottes, are BPA-free) or Kleen Kanteen for us.
    I really like the design of the Foogo, though I did find them a bit heavy compared to plastic sippies, which is something to be aware of if weight is an issue for Selina to be able to comfortably manage the cup. Actually, if you’d like to try one out before buying some, email me your address and I can send you the one we have–it’s literally just sitting around and I would be glad to give it to someone who would get use out of it. I can send you a Born Free cup too, if you want to try one of those.

  4. Is there some way to tell which plastic has all the phthalates? I heard it was the plastic with the number 2 on it? But maybe it was number 3? D told me that all of our gallon milk jugs have number 2. And that kind of freaked me out. Glass milk is hard to find.

  5. Those are adorable… and while I’m planning to breastfeed, when I just “can’t” be there to feed from the “tap”, I plan to use Platex Original Nursers with drop-ins. Clean, quick, and from what I’ve seen little to no chances of bad stuff from the occasional one from time to time! Whooot!

  6. We have this cup and my 15 month old daughter loves it (and has used it happily since she was 11 months old).

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