Focus Group

So, let’s say there was a website where we might all do some reading, thinking, questioning and discussing together on topics specifically of African American history/culture/literature, geared toward the better raising of Black children by white people, but welcoming anyone interested in the topic for whatever reason.

You know, sort of a la this post.

Would you be in?

26 responses to “Focus Group

  1. Heck, I would pay dues.

  2. Yes! Great idea.

  3. Yes, I would love to be in!

  4. Oh, yes. Very much yes!

  5. After who-knows-how-long being the shy lurker who never comments, I’m delurking. I would love to be in on this.

  6. Count me in, & I’ll forward your post to folks in similar situations.

  7. As a dad of a wonderful 2 1/2 year old mixed race daughter living in very rural PA, YES!

  8. Erica Melnykowycz

    Yes! I’d love this. I started reading your suggested books soon after I read the post . . . . and haven’t touched them in a while. This is the boost I need!

  9. I would be in. I also know families hat would love such a site and consider it a valuable resource for their family.

  10. Emphatically yes!

  11. I would like to be involved also.

  12. Chiming in a bit late to say – YES!

  13. I’m very late to the party, but I would love to join something like this!

  14. omg I would be SO in.

  15. The latest of latebirds, but I would be in, too, if it happens. Great idea.

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