My New Lemon Tree!

It's even in bloom.  I was reading the literature that came with it (the brochure promising that I will "experience abundance and happiness") and it said to snip off the blooms in the first year to encourage growth and I was all sad.  Then I remembered that I got a 2-3 year tree instead of a one-year tree, so I can leave the flowers.  They smell delicious!



2 responses to “My New Lemon Tree!

  1. The lemon tree is lovely!
    We are celebrating today the recent news about legalizing gay marriage in another few states. I don’t know of you have seen these CRAZY adds about the “storm” but check out my blog-its truly nuts. What do these people fear?!
    Anyway-wanted to say hello and share the insanity.

  2. Where did you get it? And what kind of light does it need, and can it be put outside in the summer time?
    (I may be feeling a little over-curious, eh?)

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