Maundy Thursday

Church tonight was really fun–which is pretty weird for Maundy Thursday, I know.  But they cleared out the sanctuary and put in dinner tables and fed everybody right in there–a whole meal, featuring a few Passover standards among the dishes.

They were washing feet all around too, and when Nat saw that, she of course wanted to do it.  So I helped her off with her tights and she took her turn.  Except she was way too short for her feet to reach the basin from her chair, so they stood her up right in the bowl.  Why oh why did I leave my phone with the camera in my coat pocket in the hallway?  It was excruciatingly adorable to see a white man in a business suit bending over my daughter washing her feet in the middle of the church–and her grinning with getting away with something completely crazy.
Afterwards, Nat kept saying "I got my feet wet!" and "I got my feet wet in church!"  Then when they cleared away the dinner things, Nat turned to Cole and said "do you like the church restaurant, Cole-mom?"  It was Disney Land as far as she was concerned.

I put the kids in the play room after that and they did a Eucharist and stripped the church.

They do theatre really well at this place.  I have to hand it to them.

Nat, by the way, barely touched the food.  She has finally hit a picky stage.  Selina, on the other hand inhaled humus, veggie salad, eggplant, couscous and lentils, apples and walnuts, matzoh, all with great relish and glee.

2 responses to “Maundy Thursday

  1. Ahhh the picky stage. Does it feel like someone flipped a switch?

  2. My three helped strip the altar at the Maundy Thursday service last night, while the cantor sang Psalm 23 and everyone sat in silence and semi-darkness.
    I loved the theatrical aspects of worship when I was a child, and I love watching my children be awed and inspired by them now.

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