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Do you argue in front of the kids?  We do and we think it's a good idea.  You?

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  1. Yes, and I agree, it’s good to do so. Our daughter is 7 years old and becoming aware of such things as divorce and has put together that parents who fight a lot might not want to stay together. Yesterday evening, M and I were tease-squabbling across the room and, as often happens when we’re tired and stressed, the teasing beacame a little more real. Aud picked up on it and asked if I was angry; what was I going to do? Get a divorce? I laughed and reassured her that arguing and even irritation do not lead to our family splitting up. This was something she needed to hear, and I was glad that the opportunity arose.
    So yeah, we squabble in front of the kiddo; we also laugh together.

  2. Hey shannon, I realize this is something you may not feel comfortable blogging about but are you getting the girls the flu shot? Either the regular or the H1N1? Why or why not? I am not at all offended if this is not the forum for this question and I can facebook you if you prefer. Leah (who lives near you in chicago) :)

  3. Not controversial for me. I would have gotten them a flu shot but they got sick before I could get it done. Cole too. But I squeezed one in for myself just in the nick of time.
    I don’t know enough about the pros/cons of the H1N1 shot to tell you what I think. But overall, I’m not more worried about H1N1 than I am about any flu. But me personally–I shut down 150% when I get the flu so I can’t take a chance on getting it–in any form. Especially with Cole not in town half the week.

  4. I think that allowing children to see their parents experience emotions and work through conflict is very important. My parents always kept their conflicts “behind closed doors” which gave the child me the impression that either a)they experienced no conflict in their marriage, or b)the conflicts were too scary to let us kids see. So, now that I’m raising my own children, I let them see me get annoyed/angry/hurt and then let them see me (hopefully) work through it in a kind and respectful way. Otherwise, how else will they become equipped with those skills themselves?

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