Best Adoption Blog

What if the first thing you found when you started thinking about adoption had been Dawn's blog? Pretty great place to get the low-down on the reality of adoption, hmm?

The Bump, most mainstream of all streams has a nomination for This Woman's Work to win Best Adoption Blog on their site.  Please go vote for Dawn.  Just think about the power being made available here, to shift the conventional wisdom about adoption.

So go, vote without delay!  You can vote more than once, too.

3 responses to “Best Adoption Blog

  1. Voted.
    Knew about The Knot and The Nest, but didn’t know about The Bump.
    Wonder when they’ll come up with The Split for divorcees and The Change for ladies going through menopause.

  2. Post about it on Facebook, so I (and others) can “share”! It would ROCK to get Dawn some more publicity!

  3. Thanks Shannon!! I had a dream about you last night that we were sharing an apartment (it was a gorgeous apartment) and having fun with our girls although in my dream Madison was S.’s age instead of being a little older than N. Anyway, towards the end of the dream, I kept misplacing the kids in tiny teacups and you were getting exasperated with me. Did I mention that I had a fever? So my dream made less sense than usual!!

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