InSoWriMo: the Second

Slight improvement over last week, I think.  This is based on a true story of how I had to go across the country (um, the country of England, that is) on an emergency basis on the day before my twenty-first birthday.  And there was a crazy blizzard the like of which Southern England had not seen in fifty years.  And BritRail was stumped.  And then I got really lost when I did manage to arrive at my destination.  Not sure why I thought of it.  But I figured it was as good sonnet fodder as anything else. Well, not really.  But anything that came to my mind this week.

The Wrong Kind of Snow, 1991


When I turned twenty-one it snowed all night

And in the morning all the trains were stalled

I set out for the station before light

I told them “Epsom” and they were appalled


“You cannot get there in this kind of snow,”

The ticket agent argued with a frown

But I stood my ground at her small window

And in the end I got to Epsom town.


Circling around my goal in snowdrift dark

I searched for my hotel room in the cold

No sleeping town had ever been so stark

As midnight struck, I suddenly grew old


I wonder where the dancer is today

Who turned nineteen on that year’s shared birthday?

4 responses to “InSoWriMo: the Second

  1. Nice. Who’s the dancer, or what am I missing?
    Link to my latest is below.

  2. It’s not a failure of your reading, it’s a failure of my writing. The next morning I woke up and heard on the radio that this up-and-coming prima ballerina turned nineteen that day and I felt really over-the-hill, since I was turing 21!
    Now, it occurs to me that she and I are essentially the same age.

  3. I really like that.

  4. A Purpose Driven Sonnet
    The Rev’rend Doctor Warren, seems to me
    would like to have his cake and eat it too
    regarding homosexuality.
    Alas, his fork-ed tongue is nothing new.
    “Let me be clear what God’s own Word intends:
    that sex outside of marriage is a sin.”
    And marriage as a union he defends:
    no other than a man and woman, kin.
    But killing gays perhaps does go astray;
    let’s not forget what Jesus did command:
    that dignity for all be his new Way,
    upon that rock the church must take a stand.
    Um, Rick? My sexuality is ME.
    Shut UP already ‘bout my dignity.

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