The People You Meet Online

Why are people afraid of the Internet?  As far as I can tell, the Internet is a place where, if you can read and if you can write, you can vet people pre-meeting and know how cool they are going to be in advance.  Or at least get a good clue in the right direction (I, for example, am cooler in real life, which I'm sure my virtual-turned-literal friends can vouch for).

Anyway, all this is just to say that my latest Internet meet-up has been a stunning success.  Some of you might remember Sster, who hasn't blogged in a while.  Well, I'm here to report that she's fandabulous, just like you suspected she was.  Her kid is cute, her husband is sweet and her kitchen is a den of delights.

All this could just be a ploy to gain our trust before the axe comes out, but I'm doubting it.

2 responses to “The People You Meet Online

  1. Two weeks ago when I was going to meet another blogger, Mal said “Don’t blame me if it’s 40 year old guy from Ohio with duct tape and an ax in his trunk.”

  2. Well…I’m here to report that Shannon and her crew are also fandabulous! I am blushing at the “den of delights” comment.

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