On Raising “Genderless” Children

There’s a bit of hoo-ha going on right now about Baby Storm. I have nothing to add to this piece I wrote back in 2006 for LiteraryMama.com.

2 responses to “On Raising “Genderless” Children

  1. So strange – I check out your blog every once in a while and today of all days when there is a link to the Genderless Child in Toronto where I am from – random!

  2. Just read your piece for the Literary Mama and wanted to commend you for presenting it so well. I must say that raising a girl is easier than raising my boys. Nobody thinks twice about my daughter in jeans and a red t-shirt but if my boys are even remotely “feminized” the looks and comments are quite severe. My eldest has a hair style and body shape right now that isn’t masculine and he is often mistaken for a girl. I even had a verbal smack down with a man at a restaurant who was incredibly rude because my “daughter” was in the men’s room.

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