The GOP Wants a Return to the Baby Scoop Era (via BlogHer)

“In the 1950s and 1960 and in the early 1970s, when women had little access to reliable birth control, little education about where babies come from (besides being admonished to keep an aspirin between their knees, presumably), the routine for white, middle-class unmarried girls and women who had babies was shame, silence, and the all but forced separation of mother and child by adoption laws that erased the mother’s existence and rewrote a child’s history “as if” born to adoptive parents.

These, seemingly, were the good old days to the likes of Santorum and his billionaire backer Friess. But they were not the good old days for those of us in the progressive adoption reform movement. We call them the “Baby Scoop Era,” when babies were unceremoniously taken from their mothers and often lost to them forever after.”

For the whole piece, see BlogHer.

One response to “The GOP Wants a Return to the Baby Scoop Era (via BlogHer)

  1. Please visit the Baby Scoop Era Research Initiative at Thank you for educating others about the BSE.

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