Need Reader Feedback

Hi folks.

I am going to be closing down this blog in the next several weeks. There are many reasons for this, but I won’t get into them now.

What I would like to do, however, is compile the most useful posts into categories and bind them under an e-cover for download in case really, really interested folks still want to read them, or share them with others.

This is the compromise I’ve come to between just shutting down OR leaving the blog archives sitting here forever.

What I would love from you is some nominations for posts you’d like to see preserved in e-book form. I will try to edit and/or update any posts that go into that format, so if your favorite one is old and needs some revision that’s okay too.

I have in mind a total of say, 100 posts.

Help? (Please leave your suggestions in the comments so people can see each others’ okay?)


P.S. I’m also taking some of the posts from this blog (mostly since 2009) and backfilling Muse of Fire with them. So much of the more recent material will still be on a blog.

25 responses to “Need Reader Feedback


    I liked it so much I wrote a book about it. So please keep/reproduce/hand out at Pride/send out by carrier pigeon.

  2. Miriam Axel-Lute

    The recent one on white women and black men and ‘not in my name.”

  3. Will be sad to see you go… No specific posts come to mind, but the early, first days home posts of both of your daughters are BEAUTIFUL. You are an AMAZING mom, and wish I could share a cup of coff… er…. TEA with you one of these days!!!
    Val in Ohio

  4. Also, your post in memory of your father was beautiful…

  5. I started reading back in the waiting for Nat days, so maybe include some of the ups and downs of first time adoptive parents? I don’t have a specific post in mind though.

  6. No specific suggestions, but just a comment that I’ll be very sorry to see you go.

    • Oh, never fear! I’ll still be over-exposed on the Internet. Just not in this exact format right here. I’m just tidying up my online life and streamlining things a bit.

  7. I don’t have time to go back and look for any of it (sorry! ack!) but a TON of the stuff you were writing 2005-2007 was amazing. If I did have time, I’d do a slow crawl through the archives from those months.

    (Not that what you’ve written more recently isn’t ALSO amazing, but I’ve been going through my archives and I’m amazed at how much I had forgotten I even wrote.)

  8. I’ll really miss this blog, gosh. The posts that come immediately to mind are the one’s that you originally wrote for your church? And then you posted them here? There were at least a couple that I liked so much.

  9. The reading list for white people considering adopting black children.

    Really going to miss your blog.

  10. Not in My Name, for sure, and various bibliographic posts. Adoption is a feminist issue.

    So glad I know how to find you in other parts of the internet…your voice is such an important part of my online world.

  11. ALL your political/thoughtful posts about adoption, open adoption, race, trans-racial adoption and parenting, and ESPECIALLY your posts about birth/first mothers, the adoption reform movement, and your links/blogroll directing readers to the birth mother blog community. Your blog has been an indispensable resource for me (a queer antiracist white married infertile woman who works in the gender/justice/theory field, trying to figure out wtf to do about getting kids/ family!). Your blog completely changed the way I thought about several absolutely crucial issues. I really, really hope I can download it somewhere, in order to continue to direct my students, friends, colleagues, co-activists, family members, partners, and friends to specific posts which have encapsulated desperately needed wisdom. I’m not kidding, I have directed all of those different types of people in my life to this blog!

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